Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Thought I had better think of seven pieces of information about myself as lovely Ann was so kind to tag me. So here goes.

1. I was a born a month over due and had collar length hair and long fingernails, oh and I think I was really wrinkley.

2. I have been a beauty queen! see pic.

3. I have a tatto of Thumper on my right hip, which I had done when I was thirty, maybe it's time for another one for my 40th.

4. I met Roy Orbison while my dad was taking me for a walk in the pram near Elland Road football club.

5. My shoes size is only a 3.5.

6. I broke my ankle just before my 21st birthday while doing paintballing, the same day we were going for a fruity week at my now inlaws caravan.

7. I don't like mint flavoured stuff.
Have to tag people now.
Me (Jo)


Andrea said...

love your facts and the picture x

craftyscot said...

great facts Tracey :0)

Anonymous said...

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