Monday, 23 May 2011

Well I Tried - Alcohol Drip Technique

Looks promising doesn't it, well please don't be deceived, ha, ha, ha. Well, you know the lovely Hels has been on a big adventure the the old U S of A, and has been to Ranger U, well on her blog she is publishing some tutorials. This is the before pic, well even got out my new craft sheet, my other is in a sorry old state, stained lumpy and bumpy and to top it all today, I got uttee all stuck to it while playing with some moulds that the very kind and thoughtful Anne made for me, but that's another story, OOOh and yes we went to Aintree yesterday, not to bet on the Gee Gees but to a craft show and a great time was had by all of us. Back to the matter in hand, this is the result of my effort below.

I'm not too sure that drip, in my case is how I would describe what happened, it was more like a flood that Noah and his Ark would be proud of. The alcohol ink "Pooled" a bit too much in places then in others I didn't seem to put enough, arhh, never mind, I've had a go, LOL.

Best get a move on, have been off work today and tother arf will be expecting his tea ont table when he gets home, fat chance!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just a few things

That's my boy, nearly eight months old now, couldn't resist.

Just a few cards I have done in the last couple of weeks, although I've not crafted this week, don't know where the time goes.

Ventured off this morning to Yorkshire Lavender, well, I won't be going again, advertised having a deer park, was thinking they would be a roaming on those hills, but oh no, they were in an enclosure, not my ideer (lol, sorry!), of a deer park, even as cute as they were. Ended up calling in Pet's at home for a new dog brush and a toy, which is, the toy, in bits in the bin, I think that puppies are always on a mission to destroy in the fastest time possible, our poor old lady hasn't a cuddly toy left.

Well it's time for Walkies (said in a Barbara Woodhouse fashion), then it's buffet food and the Eurovision, yes I know it's a load of old twaddle but it's funny and we enjoy watching, much easier now as most artists, I say that loosely, sing in English. Must admit, not that hungry at the mo, was very naughty and not on the diet list, but we had lunch in Chiquitos.

Have a lovely weekend and take care all.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Not yet a Fusioneer

OH dear, need much more practice, here are my first attempts, think I'm cack handed, my wrist doesn't wiggle, but never mind I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got paint all over. But of course, did I go for the beginners set of stamps......OH NO, I wanted to do the pretty butterfly and flowers, serves me right, won't be a painted watering can outside my door this summer, ha, ha, ha.

One plus is that I have cracked the crackle effect LOL.