Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Phew! It seems like it's been a long Wednesday today, but here's whats on my desk, please note the bubble wrap is off my BIA, well, we have been in our new house now for nearly a year and thought it was time to unpack it LOL. Towards the back of my desk is the stack of pro markers I bought at the craft show last Saturday, yes the were a barging, I kid you not, £4.95 a packet and already I feel I need more, are we ever satisfied? Some Gorjuss Girls decoupage I also bought on Saturday, not a fan of images with only eyes, but really liked these but they are a bugger to put together, the card is really thick and not very flexible, also some images I had already stamped which I have been playing with using my pro markers. If you've not year dared to bare all in public, shimmy over to Julias blog and see what is lurking on and in the other addicted WOYWW er's.

Thought I would include a couple of cards I made for my nephews birthday, the frogs are on springs and wobble.

Not sure I am entirely pleased with either but he was probably more interested in the pressie as kids tend to be, LOL.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Craft Show - Aintree, Liverpool

I was lucky enough to go with Anne (Liverpoollou) to the craft show held at Aintree race course yesterday. Here is a pic of my haul, did I stick to my budget, course I didn't, well those pro markers were such a bargain. I finally have some MS punches, yay.
As I was AWOL yesterday, have spent the day playing catch up, supermarket shop, cleaning, washing etc so have not had time for a little play. Don't know why just cannot craft Sunday evenings, usuually curl up on the sofa in my jim jams with a glass of wine and watch telly, before having to go back to work on Monday.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Hi de Hi WOYWW ers, hope you are having a good day and if you are not hooked yet join the gang on Julia's blog and show us all your space, come on, reveal what's hiding in the bottom of those drawers.
Am coming over all peculiar second week in a row that I have stuff on my desk, this is a card, yes another card, all my good intentions to branch out in tatters again this week, although I do have a half painted canvas, is a Mojo Monday sketch and have used an 8x8 card, not finished and left it last night as have an 18th and 21st coming up in the next few months and cannot decide whether to play safe and save it for one of those occasions. Pound to a penny when they come around will be rushing and the the old mojo will have gone on holiday.
Not managed to get round everyone yet so will keep trying, but have to go to my daughters school parents evening tonight, so probably won't get back on the pc.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Birthday Card

You may remember a card on my desk one WOYWW and here is the finished article, and now my friend's birthday is over, I can blog the card, I won't tell you what her feelings were about it!!!!
She's not at her best in the mornings and it takes a mountain of coffee and she comes around about lunch time, but I love her to bits.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday Stampers - Silver

Am about a week late blogging this challenge and there is a new theme today, but am getting so little time to craft at the minute, the gorgeous sunny weather was to blame yesterday, so have to play catch up today, just finished ironing and cleaning, but did get help from my lovely OH, just put the chicken int the oven and thought I'd better at least post my effort. Mosey over to Hel's blog and find out what the them is this week.

The theme was silver, I used some pearl siver card and some black emobossed card, stamped the Artistic Stamper swirl stamp in silver and embossed in clear powder, added some ribbon and a few gems. Stamped a Basic Grey stamp on black card in silver ink, matted onto silver card, am going to leave it alone and not add anything else, as I usually make a mess by faffing too much lol.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I'm late again, sorry Julia, hope I'm forgiven, but the battery in my camera was dead so have had to recharge and have taken a pic of work in progress, just to show that I can be messy, I just have to tidy up after, think this is because I used to craft in the kitchen in my old house and had to pack everything away when I finished, didn't have enough room to move to take a pic of the floor, lol.
Think this is the first time I have done any crafting for about nearly two weeks was too busy over the weekend and have come home from work, cooked, eaten, put my jim jams on and fallen asleep on the sofa, how exciting am I, think it's the after effects of an engagement party we went to on Saturday, didn't get to bed while around 2am and was awake at 6am and in the garden centre at 10am, and gardening in the afternoon, well, digging little holes and planting some bedding plants, Monty Don I am not.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Errrrm, not a lot! So shimmy over to Julia's blog and peruse so much more interesting places than mine.
I made the card on Monday for my friends birthday on Friday and had a little tidy up too, not done anything in the last couple of days, probably due to the return to work after a lovely long weekend.
The frog and monkey cards are still on my desk probably as my nephews birthday is not for a couple of weeks, am trying to fathom out how to do some lilly pads as my free hand drawing, more like scrawl lol, and my cutting have not given me the best results, the stamp I have is much too small, so answers please on a postcard. The ribbons won'f fit in my ribbon draw, so no home yet for them, but I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, I have to tidy my things away, I just can't help it, although one small confession Mother Superior, my ink pad draw is a tad untidy.
Must dash, have an engagement card to make for Saturday, and no idea what I'm going to wear either, a few lush papers and the odd flower to cover my modesty! better not it would scare all the guests.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

WOYW Thursday!

Erm, nothing as I have not crafted since the weekend and my daughter has monopolysed my craft room as she had been on the puter doing homework so whats a mum to do. But, don't be bashfull show your work space in all it's glory and go over to Julia's blog and have a peek at all the others, go on, you know you want to.

Am at work on my lunch so can't even post the last card I made for my hubby, that's how bad it's been, no craftroom and no pc, but DD's need was greater than mine, LOL