Thursday, 27 October 2011

Polka Doodles Challenge

Hello all, I have been a lazy blogger of late, have done a few challenges but not posted, cannot find the lead for the camera to load the pics, so have scanned these images, rubbish I am too with techy stuff, wish I was more interested in it then I may get better results LOL!

Over at the challenge is to use the free download or from the Sundae of Seasons CD, I have used the latter to create these couple of cards, I have also made some toppers for some sweety treats to match the cards.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Take 2

Think it's tinternet, the light is flashing but there's no one at home, don't ya just know the feeling! :))

A bit of the old swooshing of ink pads, and a bit of the pro markers, think I'm getting a bit better with the colouring although an artist I will never be.

Arnt' these just the cutest reindeers, I have to eat my words as couldn't get on with CD crafting but am loving these Polkadoodles CDs, if at first you don't succeed, etcetera, etcetera, said in a Yul Brinner, King and I slur, must have been as we were watching Anna and the King, still prefer the old version, but I digress, again.

Best save this before I loose the lot, new stamps too from Crafters Companion, must not buy anymore, got loads still in packets and unused, sucker for em, I am.

Time Flies

Well I had intended uploading a fair few cards I had made in the last month, but blogger doesn't seem to want to open my picture files and seen as I have zero patience with computer stuff, I've lost interest, although our pc seems to be playing up recently, maybe it's time to go to pc heaven LOL.

So after all my good intentions, I have one offering, better luck next time huh!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Walk 10- Castle Howard 31st July 2011

What were you doing on a fine sunny Sunday evening, well, myself and three other Admin Angels, above, (as well as few others of course), walked 10k for Marie Curie. Thank you ladies I had a lovely time, although I feel pooped this evening, I can't burn the candle at both ends anymore, but all in aid of a good cause, thank you to all who have sponsored us.

The beautiful Castle Howard, the views were wonderful, and the mochacino afterwards was delish too.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Magical Winter - Polkadoodles

As promised earlier, here are the two cards I have made this afternoon, they look flat on the pics but are quite dimentional as I have stuck them to the base with pinflair gel. You ought to see the pile of stuff I have printed out on my desk lol. Ummm will have to be more patient, persevere, and find out how to resize the images, techy, I am not.

Just a Few

A couple of cards I have made, have made a few but forget to take piccies I'm sure we've all been there. The top one is for lovely Anne, hope you had a smashing birthday yesterday hun.

Apart from the tinternet probs, have had a lovely afternoon, and am surprised and pleased to say I have been using a CD, Polkadoodles to be precise. I have a few CD's but not been impressed, have watched Nicky on C&C lots of times and really liked the images, but have been put off because they are CD's, decided to take the plunge with the new Magical Winter and the paper she uses for printing on. I love stamping and colouring, but it's such a mamoth task for Christmas cards but this CD offers the best of both as I can colour as much or as little as I want to as they come pre coloured or black and white. I will post the couple I have made when they are dry.

Am sposed to be getting DD ready for her camp next week, most of the washing is done and she can pack her own stuff, am carrying on crafting LOL, well I am off work for a week.

Prom 2011

Just a couple of pics of Jess dressed up for her prom, I know it's late but have been having trouble with the tinternet, been on twice to them today, urrgghhhh, technology, great when it works LOL.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Well I Tried - Alcohol Drip Technique

Looks promising doesn't it, well please don't be deceived, ha, ha, ha. Well, you know the lovely Hels has been on a big adventure the the old U S of A, and has been to Ranger U, well on her blog she is publishing some tutorials. This is the before pic, well even got out my new craft sheet, my other is in a sorry old state, stained lumpy and bumpy and to top it all today, I got uttee all stuck to it while playing with some moulds that the very kind and thoughtful Anne made for me, but that's another story, OOOh and yes we went to Aintree yesterday, not to bet on the Gee Gees but to a craft show and a great time was had by all of us. Back to the matter in hand, this is the result of my effort below.

I'm not too sure that drip, in my case is how I would describe what happened, it was more like a flood that Noah and his Ark would be proud of. The alcohol ink "Pooled" a bit too much in places then in others I didn't seem to put enough, arhh, never mind, I've had a go, LOL.

Best get a move on, have been off work today and tother arf will be expecting his tea ont table when he gets home, fat chance!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just a few things

That's my boy, nearly eight months old now, couldn't resist.

Just a few cards I have done in the last couple of weeks, although I've not crafted this week, don't know where the time goes.

Ventured off this morning to Yorkshire Lavender, well, I won't be going again, advertised having a deer park, was thinking they would be a roaming on those hills, but oh no, they were in an enclosure, not my ideer (lol, sorry!), of a deer park, even as cute as they were. Ended up calling in Pet's at home for a new dog brush and a toy, which is, the toy, in bits in the bin, I think that puppies are always on a mission to destroy in the fastest time possible, our poor old lady hasn't a cuddly toy left.

Well it's time for Walkies (said in a Barbara Woodhouse fashion), then it's buffet food and the Eurovision, yes I know it's a load of old twaddle but it's funny and we enjoy watching, much easier now as most artists, I say that loosely, sing in English. Must admit, not that hungry at the mo, was very naughty and not on the diet list, but we had lunch in Chiquitos.

Have a lovely weekend and take care all.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Not yet a Fusioneer

OH dear, need much more practice, here are my first attempts, think I'm cack handed, my wrist doesn't wiggle, but never mind I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got paint all over. But of course, did I go for the beginners set of stamps......OH NO, I wanted to do the pretty butterfly and flowers, serves me right, won't be a painted watering can outside my door this summer, ha, ha, ha.

One plus is that I have cracked the crackle effect LOL.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sunday Stampers - Blue

Good evening all, well I thought I had better post my offering, it has been a long time since I have had time to join in with the SS although I am a daily visitor to Hel's blog. Well in a nutshell, she's not finished, it needs something else, but you know when you rummage around in your stash and nothing quite fits, thought about a flower, tulle would be nice but don't have any, dangly bits, but all a too big, couldn't find a charm that was right, think I really need some more Stampotique rubber, LOL.

Have had a lovely day, baby pooch got me up around 6am, he's just like a toddler, as soon as the sun is up so is he, he wandered into the garden, had a piddle got on the sofa and went back to sleep. There wasn't a cloud in the sky so off hubby and I went to Nostell Priory, we had a guided tour round the house by a sweet little old couple, a wander through the gardens and round one of the lakes, decided we would bring the dogs at a later date, then we had a little tipple in a nearby pub and sat in the beer garden. So no housework done today, it will wait while tomorrow, what's a bit of dust and a few dog hairs, well probably a lot to someone who has a dust or pet allergy LOL.

Hope it's been lovely where you are, have a great weekend all.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Just a few

It's turned from a dull, breezy morning to a lovely sunny afternoon, which I have spent making a Mothers day card for my Mother In Law, so nice to have a bright room and windows open. As promised no pics of my baby pooch just a few cards I have made over the last few weeks, must dash, time to walk the doggies and maybe I'll plant out my potatos when I return

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Nearly a Whole Month

Well I did promised more crafting and here are three cards I have made in the last couple of weeks.
I would really like to have a go at art journaling and have bought some ink sprays from Art from the Heart I have now decided that I need paints, stencils, downloads and more stamps LOL. I have been spraying but cannot get the look that the fab Dyan gets or the other clever folks, I just don't think I have the imagination, I should go to a class, but am not brave enough, frightened of making a boob of meself.
I have however today been having a go at the faux, I so wanted to say barndoor, but I think it's barnwood technique, and it's worked, I feel like I could do quite an ickle merry dance. I usually have the bull in a china shop approach, but I actually read and followed the instructions, instead of reading, think I'll remember the instructions and go a do it all wrong, then wonder why it doesn't work!!!!!
Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What a big boy Oh and some tags

The challenge for this tag swap is Timmy baby, Sir Holtz of course, products, stamps, techniques, style, whatever you have and whatever takes your fancy, so here is my interpretation above. Rubbish pic, but that's because I took it LOL.

Cannot linger for very long as have snook away to do some crafting, as per the usual, I keep getting the comment "Always buying, never using", sound familiar! I just cannot seem to find enough time at the minute, so much I want to do but so little time, where oh where is my big lottery win.

Here is the latest pic of my ickle fella, although he has had a bit of a limp for the last few days, but I'm not surprised as he hurls himself about and races around in a mad frenzy with his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth panting. However it's not slowed him down and he doesn't appear to be in any pain, if he's still limping at the end of the week may have to visit the vet. My daughter took this pic of him at the weekend, that's why it's in focus lol, I did try to warn him that it may be a danger to his health snuggling up in her bedding, not quite sure how long it's been on her bed, I keep thinking of making a warning sign for her room door, I've learnt not to look.

Righty O, better sign off as time is marching on and it'll soon be time for me to snuggle up under the covers. I promise, more crafting and less puppy.

Monday, 10 January 2011

How Long!!!

This is one of the reasons I have not had time to craft, our ickle Olly, oh he looks soooo tiny. Actually the pics have loaded in the wrong order as below is three weeks later and two kilos heavier, and these moments are rare. He is an absolute nutter and a bundle of energy, my poor old pooch doesn't know what's happened, he won't leave her alone, but she is getting used to him more now.
Peace has been shattered, this below is when we first brought him home, butter wouldn't melt, HUH, I don't think so, don't think I've ever said NO and GET Down as much in my life, but he's lovely, and just wishing for the better weather so we can go out and about, he can finally go beyond the confines of the house and garden from Thursday, but will have to coax him out as cannot get him out of the front door. I have my training treat bag and new lead at the ready, we have been doing a little training in the house quite successfully.

Oh what an age it seems since I last blogged and actually crafted, ummmmm, think it's about four or five weeks, but as you can see from above, have not had much spare time. So am stealing a few quiet hours while my daughter and hubby are on dog watch, but they have got a thingy majig for the Xbox to go live and have managed to get it on the puter so they can connect on the big telly, DD has been squeeling with delight, hooking up with friends via the Kinnect. All the while I have been happy with some ink pads, ink dusters and stamps, but I kid you not, after tidying away all traces of Christmas stash, I sat at my tidy desk with not an idea in my head, but am pleased with the end result.
Take care all who take a peek, I will be back.