Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Take 2

Think it's tinternet, the light is flashing but there's no one at home, don't ya just know the feeling! :))

A bit of the old swooshing of ink pads, and a bit of the pro markers, think I'm getting a bit better with the colouring although an artist I will never be.

Arnt' these just the cutest reindeers, I have to eat my words as couldn't get on with CD crafting but am loving these Polkadoodles CDs, if at first you don't succeed, etcetera, etcetera, said in a Yul Brinner, King and I slur, must have been as we were watching Anna and the King, still prefer the old version, but I digress, again.

Best save this before I loose the lot, new stamps too from Crafters Companion, must not buy anymore, got loads still in packets and unused, sucker for em, I am.

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