Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sunday Stampers - Flowers

Ah ha, managed to do it this week, although still nothing altered or grunged, and my paper flowers were already made, was delving into my stamps and you wouldn't believe the amount of stamps I have bought and are still unused, found about 4 Sugar Nellie stamps and this is one of em. So was side tracked and the above card is what I came up with, mosey on over to Hel's blog and take in the array of artwork on display.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Good evening all, just a couple of cards I have done and actually remembered to take some pics, I have another one which is drying at the minute and cannot decide if it's finished, it's in the danger zone as if I start tweaking usually end up ruining them. That's exactly what I did with SIL's birthday card, and why she ended up with the quick make below.

Have been ummming and arrhhing all day whether to buy the Cricut, as have a good deal on C&C, OH said I can't have it as it's too much money, DD says I already have the bug and it's just an electronic version, anyone got any advice. Do I just want it or do I need it, ooohh, have 8 Thank you cards to do and all for males, any ideas, they would be gratefully received.
Ta Ta for now.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Hello peeps, missed last week, not blogged at lot lately and have not taken pics of the cards I have been making either, the old cliche, not enough time. I'm getting used to been at the bottom of the list, that's where I started my viewing pleasure last time to nosey at the peeps who are as organised as me!!!!

On my desk this week is a card I've just finished for a work colleague's granddaughter, was a bit miffed last night as had done another card with a Kenny K digi design and just thought I would tweet it a bit, and yup, you've guessed it, made a right pigs ear of it didn't I. Have a love hate relationship with my pro markers not very artistic and am trying, by studying coloured images to try and get some light and shade, just never seems to work for me and just end up colouring with a block colour. I digress, I know, but so wish I could do it, LOL.

Below is my new dooo, and cooked to perfection in a tantalising real red, although every pic DD took is blurred, think she was doing it on purpose, so this is the best of the bunch.

Hope you've all had a lovely Wednesday but don't forget you can still pop round to Julia's and have a good old nose at all the other work spaces. I will openly admit I never get round everyone but do try and visit some new desks each week. Hugs to all.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Good evening all, yes I am later than usual, but here none the less, and did visit a couple of blogs in my lunch at work.

Unusually for me I have taken quite a close up of my desk as it was, half an hour ago while making a card for a friends twin niece and nephew, was a bit stuck as had the Paper Nation decoupage, and I tell you now my new scissors I bought are worse than the old ones I was replacing, maybe I need to borrow some of Anne's lol, well back to the plot unbelievably I don't have any girly pastelly papers, so decided to dig out all the Once upon a time stash, which is where I have unearthed the photo's of my daughter from on my desk, as they were in the box waiting to be used in the Album, so far have only done two pages as not done very much scrapping, ummmmm, and that was errrmmm probably at least twelve to eighteen months ago oops. Are you still with me, well my idea was that the little girl would have Once Upon A Time and the little boy Happily Ever After, am still scratching head as wonder if the papers are ok for six year olds, decided I will take the completed one and if tis ok will crack on with the other, if not, back to the drawing board and cutting out.

Just to show I can be messy, here's a pic of the floor and my draws, while I've been crafting,but it's now fairly tidy again, just can't leave it LOL.
Hope you've all had a lovely Wednesday and will be popping round for a nosey when I can, and don't forget to visit our leader Julia to see what's going on.
Night Night peeps.