Monday, 23 August 2010


Good evening all, just a couple of cards I have done and actually remembered to take some pics, I have another one which is drying at the minute and cannot decide if it's finished, it's in the danger zone as if I start tweaking usually end up ruining them. That's exactly what I did with SIL's birthday card, and why she ended up with the quick make below.

Have been ummming and arrhhing all day whether to buy the Cricut, as have a good deal on C&C, OH said I can't have it as it's too much money, DD says I already have the bug and it's just an electronic version, anyone got any advice. Do I just want it or do I need it, ooohh, have 8 Thank you cards to do and all for males, any ideas, they would be gratefully received.
Ta Ta for now.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Beautiful card as always Tracey ;-)ooh I know what you mean about the tweaking - sharp intake of breath. Tricky one about the Cricut, can't you talk OH into getting you an early Christmas present :-)
BTW there's a show at Leigh, Lancs in Oct - Sincerely Yours - may go may not but will let you know only a small one so you may not be tempted to spend toooo much LOL
Anne xx

Helen said...

Lovely cards - annoying as it is sometimes the quick ones turn out the best! I have a Cricut which my gorgeous OH bought for me and cannot recommend it highly enough - thought I wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost but use it all the time. Definitely complimentary to the bug, NOT the same, and FAB for making lovely cards quickly, leaving you plenty of time to fiddle with the finishing touches! Alas tho the cost, plus you need to take into account the cost of cartridges which are NOT CHEAP and you will need, plus new mats and blades which are also and occasional but regular purchase.