Sunday, 28 February 2010

Birthday Card

Good evening all, I have been sat closited away in my little room and come up with a whole load of nowt! Have made an alcohol ink background, inked and stamped a piece of chipboard, stamped and stuck on a crocco'd frame I did a couple of weeks ago and just added some of Sir Tim's crackle paint. Loads of bits and not one finished item lol.

So here's a card I did last week for one of my daughters friends. Did a 40th too for my brother in law but think I forgot to scan it!
Think it will have to be a take away for tea as it's like Old Mother Hubberd at our house, must do the supermarket shop tomorrow after work

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


OOh I'm sooo excited, feeling very proud of myself taken a picture of my desk so I can join in. Although it's probably looked like this for over a week as not had time to enter the room of stash, DD taken over the PC (which is also in the room) and there's only room for one, probably because our bargain chair is much too big! Ummm, do feel sorry for her, she gets and awful lot of homework and it just happens that she always needs the pc!!!!!! Had to whip off the blanket from the curtain pole that she was using for a curtain, really must get a blind, as you can see we had some sunshine late afternoon and all the snow has melted, yipeeeee. Well back to the task in hand, really must tidy those stamps away can't even remember how long they have been there and in pristine condition as not even used them but sssshhhhh, don't tell hubby ROFL Clogged my silicone glue syringe up too, left the cap off, tried to unblock with a cocktail stick which snapped and is now incased inside the silicone in the syringe, maybe I should just put it in the bin and buy a new one. Enough of the waffle and you must visit Julia's blog and take a nosey at all the lovely work spaces out there, and glad to find there a some worse than me LOL.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sunday Stampers - Rose

Arn't I doing well, another one complete, maybe thats because I have been at home for four days, tucked away like a little hermit, unfortunatley the house work fairy didn't arrive, but have got lots of my jobs done and am trying to be organised and get ahead with my cards.

I have incorporated the theme for this week on my in laws anniversary card and used a grunge paper rose with some luuurrrrrvvvverrrleee touchy feely papers and also made a birthday card.

I have even been a good ickle girlie and taken photies instead of trying to squash them on my scanner, aaaannnnnd managed to upload them onto the PC, take it from me that's progress, can't add links or nowt to my blog cos I'm rubbish at it, and I know the pics are rubbish too!

Hope you like and go lookie at Hel's fab blog too heeeey look what I've done, think I need a lie down, I really do, have just been sat under my dressing gown with it hung over my screen as couldn't see cos of the sun streaming through the window and have come over all unnecessary ROFL.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sunday Stamper - Hearts

I seemed to have lost doing anything other than cards recently, but have tried to do a hangy thingy, tis ok, but am not over excited about it.

I did this for Sunday Stampers and after covering a piece of chipboard with paint decided it looked a mess so covered with paper, inked up a Tim grunge board heart and sprayed with glimmer mist, added a stamped heart image, added a few bits and bobs, but then my crocco paint arrived, weeeeellllll, just had to slap some on didn't I, things never go to plan, it was supposed to look like a broken heart, ha, ha, ha, rofl. Not sure if I should splodge some more paint on, oh it also has one of my first grunge paper roses on too. Oh well practice makes perfect, as they say, will go back to the drawing board. As usual scanning is pants, thanks for taking a lookie.