Wednesday, 24 February 2010


OOh I'm sooo excited, feeling very proud of myself taken a picture of my desk so I can join in. Although it's probably looked like this for over a week as not had time to enter the room of stash, DD taken over the PC (which is also in the room) and there's only room for one, probably because our bargain chair is much too big! Ummm, do feel sorry for her, she gets and awful lot of homework and it just happens that she always needs the pc!!!!!! Had to whip off the blanket from the curtain pole that she was using for a curtain, really must get a blind, as you can see we had some sunshine late afternoon and all the snow has melted, yipeeeee. Well back to the task in hand, really must tidy those stamps away can't even remember how long they have been there and in pristine condition as not even used them but sssshhhhh, don't tell hubby ROFL Clogged my silicone glue syringe up too, left the cap off, tried to unblock with a cocktail stick which snapped and is now incased inside the silicone in the syringe, maybe I should just put it in the bin and buy a new one. Enough of the waffle and you must visit Julia's blog and take a nosey at all the lovely work spaces out there, and glad to find there a some worse than me LOL.


The Inky Minx said...

yay, well done you on joining in, work space isn't to shabby there, looks like the creative juices can flow freely :P the only reason mines a tad tidy is coz i tidyed it b4 i took the pic he he he

Wipso said...

Welcome to the WOYWW gang. Love your workspace. Will be back to check out it's changed for next week :-)
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Welcome to WOYWW! Your desk looks velly interesting. BindIt All - still wrapped from new - how long you had it then? Like me - untouched in 18 months?!! Those boxes on the left under the desk..stamps in there? Susnhine coming through your window is a sight for sore eyes!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Well mine's worse than yours this week Tracey :-/ that 40th card looks good :)
Shame on Minxy for tidying before taking a pic hehe
Anne xx

Paula Gale said...

Isn't it funny the things we see on others' desks??? What i mean is, yours is not the first desk i've seen a pack of tesco baby wipes on (sorry i'm not always very observant, but I've picked up on those) and prob cos they're on mine too!!!

I realise the sunlight can be a bit of a menace sometimes but the room does look bright - better than the dull days we've been having.

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely bright space for crafting, let the sun shine in I say, far too many dull winter days. Looks like you have lots of nice things to play with.


Linby said...

ooh thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. I have that same Brenda Walton storage box you have in the window, I use it to store my dies and embossing folders now! also have those FF stamps and mine need to see some ink too!You look very organised, love the little drawers.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be that organised! Lol! xx