Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday Stamper - Santa

Better late than never, it was finished in time, but have been having an ickle bit of trouble with the old sinusitis over the weekend and never got round to crafting or blogging. SS was a good excuse to take a break with the Chrimbo cards and play, getting messy again and I loved it. Better call in on Hels and see what the new SS is, I always have good intentions but always find myself getting side tracked, but shouldn't moan about the Chrimbo card making, as makes me a few pennies to spend on more crafty stash.
Take care all, well that'll be Anne then LOL.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just for Pam

There you go Pam, back on the radar, I know I have been missing for a while but need to keep off the pc and concentrate on the crafting lol. Have been playing with inks and these gorgeous Darkroom Door stamps, and Elusive Images, treated myself to them a while ago and love em, need more, but alas the big fella in the red coat is due and have had the stern warning about buying anymore craft stuff at the minute, plus giving the bathroom a paint job too, but of course I want new fittings blind, shower screen......... need I go on.
Have been stuck into the Chrimbo cards too, but was missing my inks and stamps, got die cuts and decoupage, for speed but must admit to getting board with them and not finding them very inspiring.
Must dash got 6th form opening evening at my DD's school tonight.
Take care all.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sunday Stamper - Red and Blue

Happy Thursday all hope your having a good one, I am, having a crafty day off work, and this is one of my inky creations today. This first time I have had a go with doing a reflection on my brayer and if I say so myself am quite pleased with the result, although there is a red scratchy bit in the sky, but it wouldn't be hand made if it were perfick now, would it!

There's still time left to enter the Sunday Stampers theme this week take a look over at Hel's blog, I am the first to admit to submitting an entry late on the odd occasion.

Have been asked to make 8 thank you cards, all for men too, it's one of those times you wish you hadn't been asked, know what I mean. LOL

Apologies to Julia too, took my pic on Tuesday evening for WOYWW, but came home from work yesterday, ate, slumped on the sofa and fell asleep, oops, am sorry ladies. Maybe I'll stick the pic on my blog anyways.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Artistic Stamper challenge - Rainbow

Over at the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog the challenge is rainbows, so this is what I have been playing with and hope it's cuts the mustard as there are some fabulous pieces, also Jennie is celebrating her blogaversary and is giving away some fab candy so what ya waiting for get over there now, he, he, he.
I used the only big n juicy I have which is hydrangea and on the left hand page I brayered onto some art card (note to self, haven't yet cleaned the brayer), spritzed with water and dried with my heat gun. On the right hand page I stamped the image and used my waterbrush to move the colour around, the stamps I used are Lost Coast Designs (I think!), Stampers Anonymous, Basic Gray and the Artistic Stamper, oh and the top was from a new wrought iron gate stamp I have from Hero Arts.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

WOYW - Thursday

Ooops, sorry, but I was not feeling very well when I came home from work yesterday, so never got to post, but this is my desk as I was playing on Tuesday evening. New stamps from Darkroom Door, do I not like cutting out and mounting, I have lots of rubber sheets with holes cut out of them and the rest waiting to be done, and must confess to having untouched ones too but, SSSSShhhhh, don't tell OH.
Hope you all had a lovely Wednesday and have to apologise as managed to get round a number of blogs last week but then started having errors when trying to leave comments, so gave up trying to leave any, but that's the way it goes. I will deffo be at the bottom of Julia's Mr Linky this week LOL.
Ta Ta for now peeps.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Afternoon WOYWWer's, thought I would be earlier today, been off work, but it so glorious, did my cleaning, showered and have sat in the garden and brushed the dog, OH is oiling the love seat and DD is putting the final touches to her art project book before going back to school tomorrow.

We went to Scarborough yesterday on the Yorkshire coast and still wish I was there, had a fab day, we were supposed to be decorating the bathroom but apart from taking off the mirror tiles, we haven't done a thing, but fear not I'm sure there will be plenty of rainy weekends when we can tackle it, have to make the most of the sunshine don't we, who am I trying to convince, I wonder LOL.

Well back to my desk, ummm, not changed in the last few days, have finally got a couple of shelves up in my craft room, (still need some more, but it's a start), as you can see below, some folks have some fab cupboards and storage, but me been a bit tight didn't want to spend loads on storage, would rather spend it on stash. So me and OH did a bit of pilfering at Tesco's, as the cardboard display boxes which they have all the kids back to school stuff in are really sturdy, you can see on my window sill the before, and on my desk is one I am in the process of covering with paper and will be used to put A4 card and paper in, emptying one of my drawers to fill with more stash.

Enough of my wittering, hop over to Julia's blog and see what everyone else has been up to this week and hope the sun is shining where you are too.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sunday Stampers - Flowers

Ah ha, managed to do it this week, although still nothing altered or grunged, and my paper flowers were already made, was delving into my stamps and you wouldn't believe the amount of stamps I have bought and are still unused, found about 4 Sugar Nellie stamps and this is one of em. So was side tracked and the above card is what I came up with, mosey on over to Hel's blog and take in the array of artwork on display.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Good evening all, just a couple of cards I have done and actually remembered to take some pics, I have another one which is drying at the minute and cannot decide if it's finished, it's in the danger zone as if I start tweaking usually end up ruining them. That's exactly what I did with SIL's birthday card, and why she ended up with the quick make below.

Have been ummming and arrhhing all day whether to buy the Cricut, as have a good deal on C&C, OH said I can't have it as it's too much money, DD says I already have the bug and it's just an electronic version, anyone got any advice. Do I just want it or do I need it, ooohh, have 8 Thank you cards to do and all for males, any ideas, they would be gratefully received.
Ta Ta for now.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Hello peeps, missed last week, not blogged at lot lately and have not taken pics of the cards I have been making either, the old cliche, not enough time. I'm getting used to been at the bottom of the list, that's where I started my viewing pleasure last time to nosey at the peeps who are as organised as me!!!!

On my desk this week is a card I've just finished for a work colleague's granddaughter, was a bit miffed last night as had done another card with a Kenny K digi design and just thought I would tweet it a bit, and yup, you've guessed it, made a right pigs ear of it didn't I. Have a love hate relationship with my pro markers not very artistic and am trying, by studying coloured images to try and get some light and shade, just never seems to work for me and just end up colouring with a block colour. I digress, I know, but so wish I could do it, LOL.

Below is my new dooo, and cooked to perfection in a tantalising real red, although every pic DD took is blurred, think she was doing it on purpose, so this is the best of the bunch.

Hope you've all had a lovely Wednesday but don't forget you can still pop round to Julia's and have a good old nose at all the other work spaces. I will openly admit I never get round everyone but do try and visit some new desks each week. Hugs to all.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Good evening all, yes I am later than usual, but here none the less, and did visit a couple of blogs in my lunch at work.

Unusually for me I have taken quite a close up of my desk as it was, half an hour ago while making a card for a friends twin niece and nephew, was a bit stuck as had the Paper Nation decoupage, and I tell you now my new scissors I bought are worse than the old ones I was replacing, maybe I need to borrow some of Anne's lol, well back to the plot unbelievably I don't have any girly pastelly papers, so decided to dig out all the Once upon a time stash, which is where I have unearthed the photo's of my daughter from on my desk, as they were in the box waiting to be used in the Album, so far have only done two pages as not done very much scrapping, ummmmm, and that was errrmmm probably at least twelve to eighteen months ago oops. Are you still with me, well my idea was that the little girl would have Once Upon A Time and the little boy Happily Ever After, am still scratching head as wonder if the papers are ok for six year olds, decided I will take the completed one and if tis ok will crack on with the other, if not, back to the drawing board and cutting out.

Just to show I can be messy, here's a pic of the floor and my draws, while I've been crafting,but it's now fairly tidy again, just can't leave it LOL.
Hope you've all had a lovely Wednesday and will be popping round for a nosey when I can, and don't forget to visit our leader Julia to see what's going on.
Night Night peeps.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Good Morning WOYWW ers, and note I've said morning yes I am off work this week and thought I'd start my Chrimbo cards and am probably the only person wishing for rubbish weather so I can stay indoors without an pangs of guilt, and as I type the heavens have opened, looks like the washing will be on the maiden in the conservatory today and the weeds in the garden will just have to stay a little while longer ROFL.

I thought I had all the time in the world having a week off, but it's Wednesday already and I've only managed to do three 8x8 cards (two pics below and the one on my desk), and a couple of 6x6. May have to make a mammoth amount and try to sell as manay as I can, as DD has been selected as one of the West Yorkshire Guides to go on an International Trip next summer and we have to fund raise approx £1700. Am feeling very nervous about it as DD is so laid back she's horizontal, and so not organised, have to open a bank account and keep the accounts as have to present them after the trip, can feel a panic attack coming on, lol. But must also add am very very proud of her and any ideas gratefully received.

Phew! well now that's off my chest back to my desk, there's the same old stuff lingering, but it's as I left it yesterday afternoon and just got to mount the card onto an 8x8 card blank, actually it's quite messy for me, usually tidy away, think the stems from crafting in the kitchen and having to tidy everything away when I'd finished.

Yes Anne I know about the clear Timmy stamps, they have been on Inkylicious web site for a few weeks, (sorry peeps, just talk amongst yourself for a minute, no credit on phone so cannot reply to texts and apart from walking the dog not left the house since Saturday, lazy mare arn't I), you know me, no restraint will buy them all and think about the consequences later, but DD still needs some curtains, so may have to have a little train journey tomorrow, without OH, LOL.

Well have a lovely Wednesday all and don't forget to drop in on Julia, xxxx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Potatos and a Birthday Card

I can post this card as I know Anne (Liverpoollou) has received it. It is sort of Wendy V stylee but I don't have any of her stamps, they are on my very long wish list, LOL. I have inked up a piece of paper with DI, stamped with dotty stamp and TH swirly stamp, the flower stamps and the dots were from the Artistic Stamper, the flowers are stamped on grunge paper, overlaid with the dots and coloured with DI's, think the chipboard frame is from the pound shop, coloured and stamped

It's very muggy in my little room today, I can see the trees blowing gently in the wind but cannot open my window as there is too much stash piled up on the window sill, although it has not been cold up ere int Yorkshire we've had lots of cloud and rain, but this has helped my tatoes to grow and am very excited, as below is a photo of my very first attempt at growing something, Ta Dah, we saw them peeping out last week so decided to pull some up this weekend. They were lovely roasted on Sunday and scrummy as mash last night, but we have decided to leave the rest of them a few more weeks as some at the top were quite small.

Am going to be more organised next year and do a crop of new pots too, just wish I had a big enough garden for a veggie patch, as the drive may be covered with grow bags next year, my carrots are coming along nicely too, although my OH did say that there only enough for one meal, well I am only having a go, as not done it before, would like to have a go at other veggies but there is a lack of space.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Well a big Hello all you WOYWWer's, hope you are all tickety boo. Am hanging head in shame as had to stop myself from getting settled on the pc for the last couple of weeks as had card orders coming out of my ears, not that I'm complaining. Have felt an ickle bit mojoless at times so some probably taken longer than I would have liked. Will stop my waffle and tell you whats on my desk as of Tuesday evening, a new home card that I think is completed, you know what it's like "Does it need something else?", that's usually when I make a bit cock up, Bo Bunney papers, the usual stuff that never gets cleared away, a couple of painted images and a half done card. Have a lovely Wednesday all sending big squishies, and if you happen by my blog by accident please take a look a Julia's blog and see what's going on.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pollycraft Monday Challenge

At Pollycraft a nice easy theme of Birthdays and here's another 21st birthday card I have made, ooooh, it does make me feel old and two blog posts in one week, watch out will hopefully be back WOYWW ing tommorrow too.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Stampers - Blue

Here's my entry for last week, have had it done for ages, just not had time to come onto the pc and post it, pop over to the luscious Hel's blog and check out the theme for this week .
Was out early doors yesterday as had booked my hubby and daughter on Go Ape at Dalby Forrest , didn't book a place for myself as was not sure I would be able to get my fat BTM up the cargo nets, but wished I had as it looked great fun and they both had a great time, and I wished I had had a go on those zip lines too. Nearly done all my card orders so hope to have more time later this week. Have fun all. xx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sunday Stampers - Gems

Thought I'd better post this before tomorrow, lol. Although I feel a bit of a cheat cos I only stamped the sentiment, but I soooo loooovvvveee it, nearly didn't give it away, I made it for a friend at works birthday last Wednesday, I have more birthdays at the minute than you can shake a stick at, which is why I've spent the last few hours making my daughters birthday card for tomorrow as she is out at another party. Drop by Hel's blog as there will be a new challenge tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday Stampers - Pearls

I know there's a new one so there! But these are the two entries I have for last week, a tag which has not scanned very well, no news there then!, and a 21st card I have made for a friend at work who's birthday is on Thursday, and all the girls are going out for a curry on Wednesday, am looking forward to that, yum.
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, not yet got the rain that was forecast but is quite dark and breezy now, will see if I can do something for this week, shouldn't be a problem I have loads of request for cards I need to get through and am sure I can add plenty of gems.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Yes I know, this is not my workspace, but caught this two ickle squirrals knoshing on my bird food, this explains why it's all only lasting 24hrs and even been out this weekend and bought more feeders, this one is scurrying across my back fence to join his mate who is already tucking in.
Here he is hung upside down tucking in, he was so engrossed he never noticed me with the camera until his mate did a runner back across the fence lol.

I also went to visit my dad who lives in Hornsea on the Yorkshire coast as I've not seen him since Christmas, I have to admit that I really went to see his new pooch Alfie who the got from the rescue centre a couple of months ago. He sooooo cute, if a bit nervous, but not sure he would survive in our household am sure I would be tripping over him all the time as he's a bit titchy.

Alfie's cute and a lovely shot of my foot!

Well here we are, at last I hear you shout, my desk, I'm in mid flight trying to do my tags, my mojo has done a runner and am struggling, but need to get them done, ssssshhhh, yes it is Tuesday but trying to be organised this week, as I am at work as ususal and end up posting late on a Wednesday, I'm hoping it appears on my blog when it should. And I have an easel to and I love it, thank you so much Mr and Mrs D. xx Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday and don't forget to visit Julia's blog, to see what's going on in other fab workspaces.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Good afternoon WOYWWer's, notice, I did say afternoon, am on jolly's from work this week and what a week so far. Not been in my craft room as much as I intended and have heaps to get done but must make the most of the sunshine. Had a lovely walk yesterday, but found it a bit hot in the garden when we returned and couldn't sit, the only downside is stinking hayfever, felt really rough this morning, maybe all the sun yesterday didn't help. What is it, mad dogs and English men, out in the midday sun!!!! I know I have been AWOL for the last couple of weeks but it has been so hectic, I just have not had the time to indulge on the PC, so needed this week off work.

I seem to keep moving stuff about at the moment, this is what was on the floor while I was making a tag yesterday afternoon, just picked it up and dumped it back on my desk, lol.

If by chance you have stumbled upon my blog then you will be wondering what I'm wittering on about well treat yourself to a trip to our leader Julia's blog and take a look.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sunday Stamper - Metal

I haven't managed one for ages, but here's my effort, it was to include something metal on your art work, Ta dah, it's not a card. I have got inky fingers today, I've inked, spritzed, well more like drowned the tag, stamped with a Paper Artsy script stamp, stamped some flowers onto grunge paper, I think they are Elusive Images flowers, cut up a grunge board swirl, added Idea-ology tag and a bit O bling. Have done the other side too but forgot to scan, lol. Drop in on Hels and check out her fab art work, and if you fancy join in. Better go wash my mitts and feed the troops, ta ta for now.

1st Birthday

I was asked for a card for a first birthday, ummmm, I thought, and ummmm, I thought some more as I don't have much in the way of baby or very small child stash, but after some more thinking, very taxing it was too. I realised that Sophie, wouldn't give two hoots about the card, only been 1 and it was more for the person giving the card and the parents, so this is what I came up with, hope you likey.

Ta for looking.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Tatties

Now, there's a bit of a story behind why I have photographed my bush, I have recently enhanced my natural locks (the ones on my head, for those of you who are like minded and have a mucky mind), and gone on the bright side and a friend said it reminded her of the colour of a Japanese Maple, and I just happen to have one, however it's summer and mine is quite purpley but will go a fantastic shade of red in the autumn, maybe I'll go purpley in the autumn!

This is our pond which is a pain at the moment as we cannot seem to keep it clean, which is why OH dragged me off to the aquatic centre last week to purchase a "Pond Vacuum" We got the one recommended, (the most expensive or course), but dear hubby is not like a bull in a china shop unlike me and read the instructions, got out his tape measure and discovered that the depth was too shallow to accommodate said expensive vacuum. Week later returned to aquatic centre to find out could only get credit note and came home with what amounted to a pond aqua vac, fish carrier, round bag thingy, and some fluffy stuff to filter the water. Won't bore you, but gravity and all meant we had to use a table, on top sat the vac, then a chair, height less than the table to run the outlet pipe over into the fish carrier which had said fluffy stuff in and the valve in the carrier open for the filtered water to go back into the pond. That is not all of it, all I will say is it's a palaver and will probably take OH till next summer to clean the pond!!!!!

So here we are, I'm the proud mummy of these potato plants, which is why I was taking the pics in the first place, as my gardening guru at work wanted to see my first green fingered attempt, so come on Christine, watcha fink! You can just see my carrots too, although I thought I'd slipped sprinkling the seeds but now they are coming through, I don't think I did, OH said there's not even one bag O carrots there, never fear I have one more container and a bucket load of seeds.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sorry, didn't join in with WOYWW this week, just a hectic week, but have managed a couple of cards, only have a point and press camera, but still can't get them in focus lol, but you get the gist. Used Tim's new vintage shabby papers, oooooh, they are lovely, and his swirl stamp, Stampotique stamp and Dyan's downloads, which are fabby too.

Have loads of birthdays and celebrations to make cards for in the next couple of months so best get my skates on, thank you World Cup, and excuse for me to do a disappearing act, although I did don my England T and watch last night, disappointing but I don't think they played to badly, we always think this is going to be the one, don't we. COME ON ENGLAND.

Tis a bit on the miserable side here today, have not put my washing out as we keep getting spits and spots of rain, but have managed some ironing, OH forgot he even had a Brazil T shirt, not my favourite chore I have to say, so do it as little as possible, love my drier, fold it and into the cupboard, just don't watch the meter racing round while it's on. Enjoy the rest of Sunday, doh! back to work tomorrow, but finish on Friday for a week, yaaaaaaay!

Edited - Doh! scanned the purple one instead and got a better copy.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Happy WOYWW 1st Anniversary, here is my effort, an altered bean tin, using metal coloured with alcohol inks, although I couldn't do the letters as the alphabet dies I have wouldn't work with the metal so had to resort to chipboard, with a bit of bling added. I know they are blurry the pics, think I was too close with the camera. Can't wait to visit Julia's blog and see what other pieces have been have been completed.

Other than the tin I have completed my journal and need to get it posted, which I will do today, short and sweet for me today, have a lovely Wednesday all.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Howdy WOYWW er's, did you have a lovely weekend, well I did which is why not much crafting took place, have had my head down for a couple of nights as needed to get a card done for a friend, (posted below), and have been adding a bit more colour to my canvas, have a few ideas what I am going to put on it just need to pull it all together. Still not finished my book covers either, oh how easily it is to get side tracked, like so many, could do with a few more hours in the day.
Has turned a bit chilly up ere int North, but am happy to say that means the duvet is back covering my modesty in the night, that is so not a good look anymore. Hopefully the sun will be back for the Bank Holiday weekend and if not I'll be in my craft room.
Back to business, go over to Julia's blog and take a peak at what the rest of the gang has been up to this week, sorry guys n gals (said in a Jimmy Saville style, don't have a big fat cigar though) I was no where near getting through the whole list, think it was probably the worst I've done yet, although DD did have revising last week, am thinking of a good pressie for her this coming festive season!!!!
Hugs to all and have a good BH and the rest of the week. xx

Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunday Stampers - Red

Well technically speaking this is now last weeks challenge, (the sunshine kept me hostage in the garden!), and if you want to take a peak at this weeks theme go and have a nosey around Hels blog and see some fantastic artwork. I did take a picci with my ickle fat tootsies as my daughter painted them red for me the other day, but a close up of my hairy big toe was not a pretty sight, I can tell you.
Why did I not have any self adhesive red stones either, I had to set too with the quickie glue pen, why does the camera always pick out the crappy bits, I can honestly say it's not that noticeable on the card, must be the flash, well that's what I'm sticking to anyway. LOL.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Happy Wednesday to all you WOYWWer's, no day off for me today so, have just stuffed myself with pizza and chocci biccies (note to self, start diet tomorrow, muffin top now turned into gateau top !!!), watched Hollyoaks, tis killing me just wanna know who shot Calvin, and now commandeered the pc to post my picci.

Those book covers which were on show last week are now partly decorated and must finish them off as have to make up my book ready to pop in the post, oops I forgot to move the bean tin which is now partly completed also, but more of that for the WOYWW celebrations in a couple of weeks. I have stolen taken inspiration from Linda E , a tin which she altered and appeared in an edition of Craft Stamper. Oh yes, a new set of stamps which I got from Inkylicious last weekend and are still in the packet, OH was watching over my shoulder all the way round the shop so had to be good, completed my spend with some Claudine Hellmuth matte medium and some petaloo flowers, I will return when it is safe to do so and on my own LOL.

Thank you to all who take time to visit my blog today and any other, I never manage to complete the list but do tackle it when I get the chance, join in the madness there are fabulous work spaces and gorgeous works of art, so join us all at Julias blog and have a good old nosey.

P.S. have been for my hair cut this evening and gone a bit modern, have gone for what I call a lop sided look, ya know, one of these shorter on one side than tother.......... "A" semetrical the hairdresser corrected. Only thing I don't like about it is that I cannot hide the blubber under me chin on the short side anymore.

Don't know why but all my post is not showing, am fed up with fiddling.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Morning all, yes I said morning! I have a GP appointment this afternoon so decided to treat myself to a day off work yaaaayyyyy. I have washed the pots, cleaned round the house, have washing drying, planted some carrot seeds and do need a shower but that can wait a while and am feeling very pleased with myself lol. Was so excited this morning too as while washing the pots I looked up to see a large bird on our fat feeder and it was a spotted woodpecker, we have seen it in the trees behind our house but never in the garden, of course there was no one here to share it with. I dashed to get the camera but it had gone by the time I got back. Back to business, make sure you visit Julia and all the other WOYWW er's and have a good old nosey.
What's on my desk other than the items that never move, a new pack of baby wipes and some covers I am preparing with gesso as part of a circle journal type challenge. My bean tean for altering is still there, unaltered and out of view is a canvas I have gesso'd (is that a word?), and still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it.

Here is one of the cards I have made this week for a friend at works birthday, using some Blonde Moments papers, Bella stamp coloured using my pro markers, ribbon from the unmoved stash on my desk, message from Craftwork Cards and flowers and pearls from my stash. Have a lovely day WOYWW'ers

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Good evening addicts and followers of our leader Julia and if your not addicted take the plunge and bare all. Yes I know below is not a pic of my craft space but the photo's loaded the wrong way round and I will put that down to me not concentrating cos the old gray matter is feeling a bit woolly. The hay fever has taken hold and feeling very under the weather, came up to craft but have no enthusiasm, want to snuggle under my blanket on the sofa and watch tv, I'm not moaning especially as Paula has had a double whammy over the last few weeks, sending lots of hugs and take it easy.

This is one of a couple of wedding cards I made as a friend of mine is getting married on Saturday and this is the one I decided to give to the Happy Couple. The Making Memories papers are so gorgeous and strokable, (is that a word LOL). I have had a bit of a card fest over the weekend as have lots to make, it's no wonder I don't get time to branch out, although I do have a book to make for a challenge.

This is my ickle baby who oftens lays behind my chair and I have to be careful not to run into her, or drop, well throw anything behind me while she's there. She out of sort at the mo as her daddy is working away for a few days and she's not used to him being away so is laid on the curve of the staircase watching the front door waiting for him to come home, arrrhhhhh.

And finally, at last, you say, there's not much different about the top of me desk this week so decided to show under my desk, stamps, dies and some christmas stash storage although I have some stamps which were bought with kits in more boxes and I think my quick kutz (hardly used, ummm, maybe my OH has a point when he won't let me have a cricut), is in the bag with my dies. Have a lovely week all.