Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Tatties

Now, there's a bit of a story behind why I have photographed my bush, I have recently enhanced my natural locks (the ones on my head, for those of you who are like minded and have a mucky mind), and gone on the bright side and a friend said it reminded her of the colour of a Japanese Maple, and I just happen to have one, however it's summer and mine is quite purpley but will go a fantastic shade of red in the autumn, maybe I'll go purpley in the autumn!

This is our pond which is a pain at the moment as we cannot seem to keep it clean, which is why OH dragged me off to the aquatic centre last week to purchase a "Pond Vacuum" We got the one recommended, (the most expensive or course), but dear hubby is not like a bull in a china shop unlike me and read the instructions, got out his tape measure and discovered that the depth was too shallow to accommodate said expensive vacuum. Week later returned to aquatic centre to find out could only get credit note and came home with what amounted to a pond aqua vac, fish carrier, round bag thingy, and some fluffy stuff to filter the water. Won't bore you, but gravity and all meant we had to use a table, on top sat the vac, then a chair, height less than the table to run the outlet pipe over into the fish carrier which had said fluffy stuff in and the valve in the carrier open for the filtered water to go back into the pond. That is not all of it, all I will say is it's a palaver and will probably take OH till next summer to clean the pond!!!!!

So here we are, I'm the proud mummy of these potato plants, which is why I was taking the pics in the first place, as my gardening guru at work wanted to see my first green fingered attempt, so come on Christine, watcha fink! You can just see my carrots too, although I thought I'd slipped sprinkling the seeds but now they are coming through, I don't think I did, OH said there's not even one bag O carrots there, never fear I have one more container and a bucket load of seeds.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

When you said you'd photographed your bush I nearly fainted, phew! Beautiful Japanese Acer, they are gorgeous. Spuds are looking good. I'm growing some veg, and had one, yes just one cauliflower in a pot and had lovingly watered, fed and tended it for weeks when DD's dog dug it up and ate it :-O don't think it was very big. I do have a few others that need planting out, but need a baby gate at the top of the steps to my verandah! Can't go purple till you're 60! hehe
Anne xxx

Wipso said...

Love the look of your garden. We had the first of our little new potatoes tonight for tea....sooooo yummy :-)
A x