Thursday, 27 October 2011

Polka Doodles Challenge

Hello all, I have been a lazy blogger of late, have done a few challenges but not posted, cannot find the lead for the camera to load the pics, so have scanned these images, rubbish I am too with techy stuff, wish I was more interested in it then I may get better results LOL!

Over at the challenge is to use the free download or from the Sundae of Seasons CD, I have used the latter to create these couple of cards, I have also made some toppers for some sweety treats to match the cards.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Take 2

Think it's tinternet, the light is flashing but there's no one at home, don't ya just know the feeling! :))

A bit of the old swooshing of ink pads, and a bit of the pro markers, think I'm getting a bit better with the colouring although an artist I will never be.

Arnt' these just the cutest reindeers, I have to eat my words as couldn't get on with CD crafting but am loving these Polkadoodles CDs, if at first you don't succeed, etcetera, etcetera, said in a Yul Brinner, King and I slur, must have been as we were watching Anna and the King, still prefer the old version, but I digress, again.

Best save this before I loose the lot, new stamps too from Crafters Companion, must not buy anymore, got loads still in packets and unused, sucker for em, I am.

Time Flies

Well I had intended uploading a fair few cards I had made in the last month, but blogger doesn't seem to want to open my picture files and seen as I have zero patience with computer stuff, I've lost interest, although our pc seems to be playing up recently, maybe it's time to go to pc heaven LOL.

So after all my good intentions, I have one offering, better luck next time huh!