Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Yes I know, this is not my workspace, but caught this two ickle squirrals knoshing on my bird food, this explains why it's all only lasting 24hrs and even been out this weekend and bought more feeders, this one is scurrying across my back fence to join his mate who is already tucking in.
Here he is hung upside down tucking in, he was so engrossed he never noticed me with the camera until his mate did a runner back across the fence lol.

I also went to visit my dad who lives in Hornsea on the Yorkshire coast as I've not seen him since Christmas, I have to admit that I really went to see his new pooch Alfie who the got from the rescue centre a couple of months ago. He sooooo cute, if a bit nervous, but not sure he would survive in our household am sure I would be tripping over him all the time as he's a bit titchy.

Alfie's cute and a lovely shot of my foot!

Well here we are, at last I hear you shout, my desk, I'm in mid flight trying to do my tags, my mojo has done a runner and am struggling, but need to get them done, ssssshhhh, yes it is Tuesday but trying to be organised this week, as I am at work as ususal and end up posting late on a Wednesday, I'm hoping it appears on my blog when it should. And I have an easel to and I love it, thank you so much Mr and Mrs D. xx Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday and don't forget to visit Julia's blog, to see what's going on in other fab workspaces.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Good afternoon WOYWWer's, notice, I did say afternoon, am on jolly's from work this week and what a week so far. Not been in my craft room as much as I intended and have heaps to get done but must make the most of the sunshine. Had a lovely walk yesterday, but found it a bit hot in the garden when we returned and couldn't sit, the only downside is stinking hayfever, felt really rough this morning, maybe all the sun yesterday didn't help. What is it, mad dogs and English men, out in the midday sun!!!! I know I have been AWOL for the last couple of weeks but it has been so hectic, I just have not had the time to indulge on the PC, so needed this week off work.

I seem to keep moving stuff about at the moment, this is what was on the floor while I was making a tag yesterday afternoon, just picked it up and dumped it back on my desk, lol.

If by chance you have stumbled upon my blog then you will be wondering what I'm wittering on about well treat yourself to a trip to our leader Julia's blog and take a look.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sunday Stamper - Metal

I haven't managed one for ages, but here's my effort, it was to include something metal on your art work, Ta dah, it's not a card. I have got inky fingers today, I've inked, spritzed, well more like drowned the tag, stamped with a Paper Artsy script stamp, stamped some flowers onto grunge paper, I think they are Elusive Images flowers, cut up a grunge board swirl, added Idea-ology tag and a bit O bling. Have done the other side too but forgot to scan, lol. Drop in on Hels and check out her fab art work, and if you fancy join in. Better go wash my mitts and feed the troops, ta ta for now.

1st Birthday

I was asked for a card for a first birthday, ummmm, I thought, and ummmm, I thought some more as I don't have much in the way of baby or very small child stash, but after some more thinking, very taxing it was too. I realised that Sophie, wouldn't give two hoots about the card, only been 1 and it was more for the person giving the card and the parents, so this is what I came up with, hope you likey.

Ta for looking.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Tatties

Now, there's a bit of a story behind why I have photographed my bush, I have recently enhanced my natural locks (the ones on my head, for those of you who are like minded and have a mucky mind), and gone on the bright side and a friend said it reminded her of the colour of a Japanese Maple, and I just happen to have one, however it's summer and mine is quite purpley but will go a fantastic shade of red in the autumn, maybe I'll go purpley in the autumn!

This is our pond which is a pain at the moment as we cannot seem to keep it clean, which is why OH dragged me off to the aquatic centre last week to purchase a "Pond Vacuum" We got the one recommended, (the most expensive or course), but dear hubby is not like a bull in a china shop unlike me and read the instructions, got out his tape measure and discovered that the depth was too shallow to accommodate said expensive vacuum. Week later returned to aquatic centre to find out could only get credit note and came home with what amounted to a pond aqua vac, fish carrier, round bag thingy, and some fluffy stuff to filter the water. Won't bore you, but gravity and all meant we had to use a table, on top sat the vac, then a chair, height less than the table to run the outlet pipe over into the fish carrier which had said fluffy stuff in and the valve in the carrier open for the filtered water to go back into the pond. That is not all of it, all I will say is it's a palaver and will probably take OH till next summer to clean the pond!!!!!

So here we are, I'm the proud mummy of these potato plants, which is why I was taking the pics in the first place, as my gardening guru at work wanted to see my first green fingered attempt, so come on Christine, watcha fink! You can just see my carrots too, although I thought I'd slipped sprinkling the seeds but now they are coming through, I don't think I did, OH said there's not even one bag O carrots there, never fear I have one more container and a bucket load of seeds.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sorry, didn't join in with WOYWW this week, just a hectic week, but have managed a couple of cards, only have a point and press camera, but still can't get them in focus lol, but you get the gist. Used Tim's new vintage shabby papers, oooooh, they are lovely, and his swirl stamp, Stampotique stamp and Dyan's downloads, which are fabby too.

Have loads of birthdays and celebrations to make cards for in the next couple of months so best get my skates on, thank you World Cup, and excuse for me to do a disappearing act, although I did don my England T and watch last night, disappointing but I don't think they played to badly, we always think this is going to be the one, don't we. COME ON ENGLAND.

Tis a bit on the miserable side here today, have not put my washing out as we keep getting spits and spots of rain, but have managed some ironing, OH forgot he even had a Brazil T shirt, not my favourite chore I have to say, so do it as little as possible, love my drier, fold it and into the cupboard, just don't watch the meter racing round while it's on. Enjoy the rest of Sunday, doh! back to work tomorrow, but finish on Friday for a week, yaaaaaaay!

Edited - Doh! scanned the purple one instead and got a better copy.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Happy WOYWW 1st Anniversary, here is my effort, an altered bean tin, using metal coloured with alcohol inks, although I couldn't do the letters as the alphabet dies I have wouldn't work with the metal so had to resort to chipboard, with a bit of bling added. I know they are blurry the pics, think I was too close with the camera. Can't wait to visit Julia's blog and see what other pieces have been have been completed.

Other than the tin I have completed my journal and need to get it posted, which I will do today, short and sweet for me today, have a lovely Wednesday all.