Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just for Pam

There you go Pam, back on the radar, I know I have been missing for a while but need to keep off the pc and concentrate on the crafting lol. Have been playing with inks and these gorgeous Darkroom Door stamps, and Elusive Images, treated myself to them a while ago and love em, need more, but alas the big fella in the red coat is due and have had the stern warning about buying anymore craft stuff at the minute, plus giving the bathroom a paint job too, but of course I want new fittings blind, shower screen......... need I go on.
Have been stuck into the Chrimbo cards too, but was missing my inks and stamps, got die cuts and decoupage, for speed but must admit to getting board with them and not finding them very inspiring.
Must dash got 6th form opening evening at my DD's school tonight.
Take care all.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Gorgeous cards Tracey, stunning colours, stunning stamps ;-)
Anne xx

pam said...

I need to agree with liverpool lou- they are beautiful. I do not do much stamping - i think it is a confidence thing- I would rather stitch and make cards with meaning for the people for whom they are intended and that,too, unfortunately, makes stamping cost restrictive and with the change in our circumstances every purchase has to be considered long and hard. But I do so enjoy making my type of card and, of course, anything I can make with paper and card such as the boxes people have asked for me to make for them to put xmas gifts in. Keep in touch - not every hour but occasionally- just so we know you are still with us!!!