Monday, 10 January 2011

How Long!!!

This is one of the reasons I have not had time to craft, our ickle Olly, oh he looks soooo tiny. Actually the pics have loaded in the wrong order as below is three weeks later and two kilos heavier, and these moments are rare. He is an absolute nutter and a bundle of energy, my poor old pooch doesn't know what's happened, he won't leave her alone, but she is getting used to him more now.
Peace has been shattered, this below is when we first brought him home, butter wouldn't melt, HUH, I don't think so, don't think I've ever said NO and GET Down as much in my life, but he's lovely, and just wishing for the better weather so we can go out and about, he can finally go beyond the confines of the house and garden from Thursday, but will have to coax him out as cannot get him out of the front door. I have my training treat bag and new lead at the ready, we have been doing a little training in the house quite successfully.

Oh what an age it seems since I last blogged and actually crafted, ummmmm, think it's about four or five weeks, but as you can see from above, have not had much spare time. So am stealing a few quiet hours while my daughter and hubby are on dog watch, but they have got a thingy majig for the Xbox to go live and have managed to get it on the puter so they can connect on the big telly, DD has been squeeling with delight, hooking up with friends via the Kinnect. All the while I have been happy with some ink pads, ink dusters and stamps, but I kid you not, after tidying away all traces of Christmas stash, I sat at my tidy desk with not an idea in my head, but am pleased with the end result.
Take care all who take a peek, I will be back.


Hels Sheridan said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... my heart just melted looking at those beautiful big eyes... he is absolutely GORGEOUS.. adorable little fella and I am not surprised you haven't had time to do anything, I would have been the same, playing with a puppy is heaps more fun that boring old normal stuff lol xx

Wipso said...

He is just adorable. Like children there will be plenty of time for other things when he is all grown up so enjoy him while he is little :-)
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Tracey, ahhh what a cutie :-) Love the card, 'tis fabby.
Am going to the Stitch + Creative Crafts show at Manchester first Sat in Feb if you fancy going - but will be going by train.
Anne xx

Ann said...

Awwwhe's so cute, I adore them at that stage.....but just like babies, hard work!! Love your card too Tracey, beautiful colour xxx

Anonymous said...

Ollie is gorgeous Tracey! I want one!!! Love your card too, the inky background is fab! xxx