Sunday, 25 April 2010

Craft Show - Aintree, Liverpool

I was lucky enough to go with Anne (Liverpoollou) to the craft show held at Aintree race course yesterday. Here is a pic of my haul, did I stick to my budget, course I didn't, well those pro markers were such a bargain. I finally have some MS punches, yay.
As I was AWOL yesterday, have spent the day playing catch up, supermarket shop, cleaning, washing etc so have not had time for a little play. Don't know why just cannot craft Sunday evenings, usuually curl up on the sofa in my jim jams with a glass of wine and watch telly, before having to go back to work on Monday.


Nicci said...

Look at those promarkers!!! It was lovely to meet you on Saturday :) x

The Inky Minx said...

Oh looks like someone had a nice ickle spend.. good for you hun xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fancy me only getting to see your stash on here, what' happened? We usually check out what everyone else has been buying. What are those stamps or did you tell me at the show and I've forgotten; wouldn't be surprised :-/ You should've said how much the Promarkers were so people can see just how much of a bargain they were.
Anne xx

Jan said...

I'll have to check the promarkers out!

Spyder said...

omg! promakers for £4 what!? I'm going to die now. The last ones I bought run out/dried up after a month!! I think they'd been use dmy the girl in the shop! Lovely work space!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Forgot I was here yesterday but did I see the cards? Love them both
Anne x