Sunday, 14 September 2008

Another Week Gone

Where did it go?

Well had a fabby day yesterday, went with OH and DD to Wales White Water Rafting, certainly wasn't looking forward to putting on that wet suit! Ummm was terrified of falling in the water and racing off down the river, OH has done it before and tried to reasure me that I wouldn't fall in, DD couldn't wait to get started. Buuut abosolutely loved it and certainly want to go again, we have some pics of other rafts.


Liverpool Lou said...

Well done Tracey, don't think I could do it ;-)
Ooh just a few days now till the show lol
Anne x

Angie C said...

Oh my Tracey, that looks scarey to me. Well done to you though on doing it.

Andrea said...

glad you had a good day but I could never do this, I admire you x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photos Tracey!

Ann said...

You are soooo brave Tracey - looks fab!! xxx