Monday, 8 September 2008


OOOOOh, something to get me back into blogging, have been a bad blogger and crafter over the last few weeks, but will try to improve.

My lurrrrvvvvverlleee sistah Gayle from SBS14 has given me an award, she also has a fab blog at

I now have the difficulty of picking 5 peeps to send the award to. No problem with my first choice, my furry friend who has just set up her own blog Anne aka Little Lion. Another of my favourite Scots Ann R, another SBS14 sistah Tonya, ummmmm Minxy and Andrea, had to type that quickly before I changed my mind, oooooh, soooo difficult. Would link your names to your blogs but, doh! don't know how to do it!


Andrea said...

thankyou Tracey its an honour to recieve this from you xx dont worry about the linking bit its a pain to do LOL

Liverpool Lou said...

Thank you so much - my first award. Just wish I knew how to pick it up :-/
Anne xx

Minx said...

Aw fank you so much, i will amend my blog now to add you too xxx

Ann said...

Thanks Tracey - what a lovely award xxx