Wednesday, 3 March 2010


It's Wednesday again, am supposed to be up here crafting but have got sidetracked downloading some music to my Ipod so just thought I would load the pics of my desk which I took when I got home from work.

Am soooo excited too, got my Tim H's TSV on Friday, you will notice it's not on display as I still have not fessed up to OH that I bought it, the book he would notice but not the other bits and bobs. Also got Wendy Vicci's book too, which you can see on my desk. Best get a wiggle on if I want to make my desk a bit more messy LOL.

Have taken a couple of other pics, but have had a tidy and a bit of a clear out over the weekend as mojo had gone on holiday and I couldn't get motivated, but I desperately need it back as I have tons of cards I need to do, so please send me crafty thoughts as I'm told the power of the mind can work wonders, ummmmm, think my batteries must be running low!

Ooooh, look at that cupboard have made more room for more stash, SSSSSh need to keep it quiet.
Please take a look a lots of other crafty spaces by visiting Julia's blog.
Really must get on and do some crafting, will have to check out other WOYWW later.
Ta Ta for now x


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Tracey you'll be fine - a deadline is the best thing to squeeze out inspiration, believe me! Love your space - tidy - would love to rummage in those boxes! And LOL about not putting your QVC stuff out!!

Pam said...

I try to keep things hidden from my oh but he always manages to spot them!! Have fund playing with all you new stuff (when he's gone out of course!) Hugs Pam

Hels Sheridan said...

Your secret is safe with me hun...I won;t tell anyone that you got some new Tim stash LOL

Loving your desk...soo neat and tidy!! xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh your desk looks interesting ;) I spy Wendy's book, is it good? I love her work and her stamps. Love the frames and the black and white concoction with the bit of green looks good :)
Anne xx

The Inky Minx said...

Hiya Tracey, hope your well hun, not chatted for ages.. did you ever finish that book i challenged you to make all that time ago???
Oh looks like you've had a little tidy up from last week, but that wont last i'm sure... i too got the timmy tsv, but your secret is safe with me and the hundreds of other bloggers reading this he he he
big hugs x

Andrea said...

that looks rather tidy to me x